Hi and welcome to my website.

I’m Stéphane Jambu, owner of Hi-Commerce. I’m French, 47 years old, e-commerce and SEO expert. Excuse my English: this text has not been reviewed by a proofreader yet, but it will be, soon enough.

For 1 year, my team and I (all French until now), delivered a service called « Topical meshes » to our clients. A topical mesh is a bunch of web pages which are organised in a network, so that Google finds it easily.

On this page, I provide as much information as I can on how to write content for our clients.

First of all, we use a WordPress website, to produce and share our content. It’s designed to be undetected by Google. When you write on this website, my team checks if the rules, detailed below, are being followed.

We also use:

  • 2 websites to check the keywords we should add in each page of content: Visiblis andétamots. For each project, one of these software solutions is chosen accordingly, never both. I’ll give you access to those tools (you’ll receive an email with all details).
  • 1 Slack account to communicate all together (I’ll invite you to join in, if you join the team).
  • 1 Google Sheet to manage our projects (likewise).

Feel free to ask whatever question you may have =>


Let’s say we have never worked together before. These are the steps we need to take in order to join the team:  

  • You provide me with your email address, so I can create your WordPress user.
  • I assign a test page to you, of 500 words.
  • I send to you an email detailing how to log in to website.
  • I would prefer if you deliver this page in 3 to 6 days. If you need more time, please warn me as soon as possible.
  • IMPORTANT: please check EACH instruction (see below), BEFORE delivering. Anyone makes mistakes, but please, do try to do your best.
  • Let me know when the task is finished (email: or
  • As soon as I check it, I will tell you what is good and what can be improved.
  • Once you make necessary corrections, let me know when it’s done.
  • I will check again, and if everything is OK, we’re done: I pay you (if you use Upwork, I’ll give you a positive feedback), and if you want to join our team, you are IN.

Please be aware that two professional proofreaders will validate your content. We will not pay for insufficient quality content.


When you have joined the team:

  • In our Google Sheet, you can find the list of all pages of the project, and which pages are assigned to you. Each page has a status.
  • In website, you’ll find your assigned pages.
  • When a page is finished, you need to update the status in Google Sheet.
  • Every month, you get paid accordingly to the number of words you delivered (VERY IMPORTANT: the number of words we take in account is the number of words that is required for each page: 500, 1000 or 1500 words => if you deliver more words, you are not paid more. Also, beacons are not taken into account. So please take this information under consideration and give me the right price right now).


For each page, we usually need to write:

  • Beacons (Title and Meta Description).
  • Page content (usually 500, 1000 or 1500 words).


4.1. Beacons (in WordPress)


  • The Title tag is VERY important for page positioning in search engines.
  • Write a sentence with meaning, indicating the content of the page and containing the keywords that define the page (example: »e-liquid what to do »).
  • DO NOT CHANGE these words, but the order is free and you can add some. Insert ALL of them, as soon as possible in the sentence.
  • Length: at least 40 characters, limited to 65 characters, including space.
  • Example: « What to do with e-liquid: our advice » is OK, when « How to use e-liquid: our advice » is not OK.

Meta Description

  • It’s a summary description of the textual content of the page.
  • Use phrases with verbs so that the description has meaning.
  • Length: at least 160 characters, limited to 350 characters, including spaces.

4.2. Contents (in WordPress)


  • Presence of H1, H2, H3 (Title1, Title2 and Title3 style in WordPress).
  • Titles of paragraphs consistent with the progress topic (no unnecessary or unwelcome paragraph).


  • Bold
    • Number (between 1 and 2 every 100 words, maximum 3% of the text).
    • Quality of bold text: bold should be important words for the meaning of the text: you read the words in bold, you understand the meaning.
  • Empty lines
    • No empty lines => go to the « Text »tab, and delete the lines <p>&nbsp; </p>.
    • No empty lines at the end of the text either.
  • Smart lists / Bulleted lists
    • All items must start with a capital letter AND end with a period.
    • If all bold, please delete the bold from the unnecessary words (« at, the, etc. »).


  • Format of the links
    • Accuracy of the url (NEVER modify the url that is already settled).
    • Quality of the anchor: you can change the anchor, see instructions in WordPress page.
  • Presence of external links (from time to time). But please, totally avoid making links to our client’s competitors’ websites.
  • If the link points to an external site: it must open in a new window (link options in WordPress: click on the link/modify/link options/check, « open the link in a new tab »).


  • Interest and quality of the text.
  • Spelling + grammar.
  • Sentence spinning.
  • Ventilation: do not copy paste X sentences, airing! Make line breaks when changing subtopics.
  • If possible, make sure the text begins with a teasing sentence, to be separated by a line break.
  • DO NOT use an advertising style: we don’t advertise, we want interesting background articles for people.
  • Please use smart lists / bulleted lists (such as this one) as much as possible.

4.3 – Content quality (inétamots)

See instructions here.

4.4 – Content quality (in Visiblis)

  • There are specific instructions for Visiblis, I will  provide them later: first, we will work with

4.5 – Content duplication

From time to time: we’ll check that it is not a text copied in part from an existing text on the web.

So please, NEVER copy / translate an existing text (web, book, etc.) ! This is the condition that will, alone, get you out of the team.