What is « content quality », and why do we useétamots ?

We write topical meshes. Topical meshes are composed of web pages, which contains … text.

Those pages are connected in a network. Those connections are calculated with some specific algorithms, withétamots. That’s why you find predefined links in our pages : you have to insert them inside the text.

But it’s not enough : to make Google happy, we need to use some words in our content, and also to avoid to use some other =>étamots gives us those lists of words.

How to useétamots ?

Here is the access to the tool: = hi-commerce – password = Sjasazer70

Click on « Métamots » / « Mes Métamots & démos » / In the list: job 30 – « Cooking classes » / In the menu on the left: »Optimisations » / In the list: the page name.

Then copy the content you wrote in WordPress « Votre contenu » and click « Sauve et calcule ».

Then, you can use 3 types of information :

1. « Optimisations SEO » => how to use the right words

If you click on « Optimisations SEO » (it’s selected by default), you can see :
  • The words that you may add to your content, in the section « Ajouter ».
  • The words that you may delete for your content, in the section «  »Enlever ».
  • The words that are OK, in the section « Ne pas toucher ».

Each time that you click on « Sauve et calcule », this list is updated.

There is also a score : « Optimisée = x% » => you need to aim 85% minimum.

Where you have the right score, copy and paste all your content in WordPress : WordPress is always our reference.

Here is an example : - 1

2. « Cooccurrences » => which words to use in H1, or to replace other words

If you click on « Cooccurrences », you can see a list of words that you can sometimes use in substitution of other words in your text.
It can be useful to write a H1 different from the Title, etc. - 2

3. « A éviter » => which words to avoid

If you click on « A éviter’, you can see a list of words that you must avoid in your text. - 3


We hope that this tool will be useful, please feel free to ask anything to us about it.